The Survival of the Sloth Bear – The next species to fall victim to human activity

The world is in the midst of a sixth mass extinction: current vertebrate loss is at a rate higher than any other extinction event in history. Even ecologically resilient species like the sloth bear aren’t safe from this human-caused crisis.

The sloth bear, Melursus ursinus, is a member of the Ursidae family and is instantly recognisable by the crescent marking that adorns its chest.… Read the rest

I, Superorganism: Learning to love your inner ecosystem – Jon Turney ****

I would call this book ‘surprising’, but that doesn’t even begin to do it justice. Turney takes the reader on the ultimate tour of our inner workings. Our bodies harbour trillions of microbes, and the majority of these help us go about our everyday lives.… Read the rest