The “Connecticut Vampire”: Using genetics to identify the dead

In 1990, local children in Griswold, Connecticut, USA, accidentally uncovered the bones of a peculiar set of graves dating back to the 19th century. Amongst these remains, one skeleton – that bore the marker “JB55” – stood out. The skeleton was arranged in a skull and crossbones formation which signified that whoever had buried the deceased believed them to be a vampire.Read the rest


Walking is simple. Most people don’t have to think about placing one foot in front of the other, but then most people don’t have Huntington’s disease.

I sit at the New Scientist Live 2017 expo, transfixed by the woman on the screen.… Read the rest

Optogenetics, Memory, and Their Application in Other Spheres

A rat is exposed to a low-frequency light after a new gene addition causing the expression of opsins due to use of optogenetics. [Source undetermined]
The jury sat and listened to the witness, wondering whether the memories being presented to them were real.… Read the rest