Pioneer exploration of inhibitory synapse plasticity in memory stabilisation: interview with Professor Jack R. Mellor

How can memories prevail for long with sufficient specificity and accuracy? University of Bristol researchers recently published results[1] that contribute to understanding memory acuity and its resistance to interference. Following a new line of research on long-term modifications in the brain, termed synaptic plasticity, provided insight on stable memory formation in the hippocampus.… Read the rest

Psychosomatic Illness – Is it all in your head?

Imagine, upon waking one morning, you find yourself blind. Without vision. Deprived of the one sense you’ve learned to rely on the most. You stir, disorientated, straining to see through the darkness. For a moment you believe it to be midnight, but the darkness is impenetrable and even the streetlamps from beyond the window fail to emit their usual glow.… Read the rest

Yoga for Mental Health- a Neuroscience Perspective

Photo by Erik Brolin on Unsplash

The ancient practice of yoga has expanded to all corners of today’s world. Recently it has gained popularity in the West, with the number of Americans practising yoga rising by 50%, from 22 to 35 million adults, between 2012 to 2017.Read the rest

A new hope for Parkinson’s sufferers?

1 out of 350 adults in the UK will be diagnosed with Parkinson’s disease in their lifetime. It is the second most common neurodegenerative disorder that becomes increasingly common over the age of 60. As this disease has such a large impact on society, you may be wondering what is being done to bring an end to its impact in ageing communities.… Read the rest

Review: Incognito (The Secret Lives of The Brain) – David Eagleman ****

Weaving eye-catching optical illusions and strange case studies together with a passion for his subject, David Eagleman’s Incognito is both accessible and challenging to the average reader.  The depths of the subconscious mind explored in this book address the age-old question: why do we do the things we do?… Read the rest