Walking is simple. Most people don’t have to think about placing one foot in front of the other, but then most people don’t have Huntington’s disease.

I sit at the New Scientist Live 2017 expo, transfixed by the woman on the screen.… Read the rest

Optogenetics, Memory, and Their Application in Other Spheres

A rat is exposed to a low-frequency light after a new gene addition causing the expression of opsins due to use of optogenetics. [Source undetermined]
The jury sat and listened to the witness, wondering whether the memories being presented to them were real.… Read the rest

The Mystery of Anaesthetics

Ever since early humans first tasted alcohol from fermented fruit, people have been fascinated by drugs that affect our conscious state, whether that is by making us drowsy or by causing hallucinations. From caffeine to cannabis, we now have a vast array of these drugs, but scientists still don’t fully understand a class of consciousness-altering drugs that is crucial to modern medicine: general anaesthetics.… Read the rest